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Why I Love the Cuisinart CPC-600 More Than the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 (And You Should, Too!)

Out of ideas to improve your dinner menu at home? Try the pressure cooker. I think the it is one of the most underrated kitchen appliances to this date. No one I know seems to know just how amazing this thing is. Most will tell me how inconvenient it is as you need to keep watching it to make sure doesn’t blow up due to the pressure build up. Untrue. The current modern electric pressure cooker is extremely safe, and cooks food so quick while retaining its natural flavor. The color of the cooked food is so vivid you’d think that it’s photoshopped in real life. It’s amazing. You just really have to try it to believe it.

Here we have the top two pressure cooker to date, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 and the Cuisinart CPC-600. The main difference between these two electric pressure cooker is that the Instant Pot tells you the exact psi pressure when you’re cooking, whereas the Cuisinart only tells you low or high pressure cooking. This feature is important only if you take your pressure cooker to various altitudes to make food as you need to make sure of proper cooking pressure to set cooking temperature and time properly.

The other difference is that the Instant Pot uses stainless steel pot, whereas Cuisinart opt to use a non-stick pot. This, I think this is matter of preference and cooking style.

Both company makes great consumer products, but I will have to go with the Cuisinart CPC-600 as it is almost 30% cheaper with 3-year warranty instead of Instant Pot 1-year warranty. And also, I prefer non-stick over stainless steel for easier cleaning (Lazy me). While the Instant Pot exact PSI is a nice thing to have, I can’t seem to remember the last time I actually bring my pressure cooker up on a ski trip.


Cuisinart CPC-600
Cuisinart CPC-600 on Amazon
Runner Up

Instant Pot IP-DUO60
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 on Amazon


Non-stick pot. Stainless steel pot.
Pressure cooker function only. On top of pressure cooking, it has additional slow cooker function as well.
12.2 x 12.2 x 13.2 inches; 12.6 lbs 13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches; 12 lbs
3-year warranty 1-year warranty

Both has low and high pressure cooking setting. The Instant Pot shows you the PSI pressure number, while the Cuisinart only shows low or high.

Both are the top latest very capable electric pressure cooker. Operating function for both are very straightforward, controls are in the front of the machine. The Cuisinart is slightly simpler to use.

Both pot capacity: 6 quarts

Regardless of which pressure cooker you get. I just can’t stress enough how underrated an electric pressure cooker is. To me, it is life-changing, I had never tasted vegetables or meat taste so natural. Food came out looks and taste very fresh.

Cuisinart CPC-600 on Amazon.com Instant Pot IP-DUO60 on Amazon.com

Amazon, Cuisinart, Rakuten and BestBuy has the same lowest price for both products.

Pro tip: Read the manual. Especially if it is the first time you use a particular appliance, e.g. electric pressure cooker.

Best for now.

Cuisinart CPC-600 by Cuisinart.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 by Joey D.


The Best Home Coffee Grinder in History: Baratza Preciso vs Baratza Virtuoso

I go to coffee shops a lot, I mean really A LOT (Especially in my travel and road trips, but that story is for another time.)  So I know that the coffee is going to be great when the owner uses a Mazzer Commercial Grinder, brand with 4 Ms on the logo, which they pretty much make the best grinders in this world. The price tag? Entry level model starts at $700, Higher end is about $3000. Since it’s probably out of our budget for most of us here, I’ll introduce you to another brand which many great coffee shops also use: Baratza.

The Baratza Virtuoso and Baratza Preciso are the popular consumer/prosumer model which you may sometimes see in your local coffee shops. It’s not a Mazzer, but for a for a home use at a fraction of the cost, it is a workhorse. Both grind coffee well like it’s nobody’s business. They both use a high grade conical burr grinder. Both are excellent choice for a home coffee grinder with 40 grind settings.

The main difference is that the Baratza Preciso has the extra micro setting of the fineness of the grind. It adds additional 11 settings to each 40 default grind settings. It may not be particularly useful for most casual coffee drinker, but if you are a coffee geek or an aspiring coffee enthusiast who care about the subtlety of particular flavor profile, it may just make your coffee that little bit more awesome.


Baratza Preciso
Baratza Preciso on Amazon
Runner Up

Baratza Virtuoso
Baratza Virtuoso on Amazon
40 grind fineness setting, with 11 micro-adjustment for each setting. 40 grind fineness setting.
There is a holder for the portafilter. Allow for hands-free grinding into the portafilter. No portafilter holder.
13.8 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches; 8 lbs 13.8 x 4.7 x 6.3 inches; 8 lbs
1-year warranty 1-year warranty

Both use professional grade conical burr grinder.

Bean hopper capacity: 8 oz

Ground coffee bin capacity: 5 oz

Coffee grinder quality is extremely important in extracting coffee properly. It makes a huge difference in your coffee. So don’t ever, ever, ever skimp on coffee grinder.

I pull my own espresso shot at home, and the  extra micro adjustment in the Preciso is extremely helpful to pull a perfectly timed espresso. Even when not pulling an espresso shot, the micro adjustment setting is a great feature to have to experiment with different flavor profile for my pour-over. Currently, the Baratza Preciso is $70 more than the Baratza Virtuoso, and I think it’s worth it especially if you’re pulling espresso shot.

Baratza Preciso on Amazon.com Baratza Virtuoso on Amazon.com

Amazon, eBay, Seattle Coffee Gear, and Williams-Sonoma has the same lowest price (includes shipping) for both products.

Pro tip: I was about to give tip on how to grind your coffee, but realized someone else does a better job on it. Here’s my favorite: Coffee Grind Chart

Later alligator.

Baratza Virtuoso and Preciso Side-by-Side by Whole Latte Love.