Where am I Going With My life? Tips I Tell Myself to Keep On Cruising

What is your dreams? What do you intend to achieve? And where are you going?

The questions I often find to ask myself as I was going to sleep. As I ponder the question and gets myself more sleepy as the time ticks tocks, I (for whatever reasons) started zooming out of myself outward and outward until I see myself on the pale blue boat in the black sea of the universe, just drifting and floating around.

And wow, what a strange tranquil feeling it is to imagine to be cruising the almost empty barren space toward.. somewhere. Somewhere new perhaps, somewhere exciting maybe, no one knows. When are we going to get there? No one knows as well. It is a new perspective of how insignificant we are and probably how insignificant our questions are in comparison to the size of the cosmos. Well, my life and my questions.

Then I imagine myself zooming in back into to my room, into myself, and the questions are still there, almost like they are mocking me: So.. what is your dreams? What do you intend to achieve? And where are you going?

Well, I still don’t have a definite answer. But now one thing is for certain: We are all on the same boat, probably chasing the best parties around the deck and trying to get the most dance out of the night, that is, before the song ends (Or the last call for you drinkers). Ah.. Life.

So I tell myself this: Stay hungry, stay foolish. Don’t settle for less. Be awesome.  Be sad. Be happy. Be here because there is no where else to be. Be You because there is no one else to be.

Best for now.

Brent Haus


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